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What Muses Incorporated does


First there was the Garden of Eden, where Adam named all things, and then there was language. Human being was ready to set out into the wide world and multiply, and with it the number of languages—although some will maintain that such was only the case when a number of real estate developers started fighting over the building the Tower of Babel.

Babylonian confusion of tongues or not: as long as a multitude of languages exist there will be a need for translators. There are books written in a foreign language, and when they are beautiful enough to be presented to a Dutch readers audience, they deserve a translator. But far more is written but books that needs to be made accessible into the own vernacular: business correspondence, web site content, reports, manuals, a letter to a foreign acquaintance, theater plays, poetry etcetera. Globalization and new means of communication, have given a surge in international correspondence, and a broader exchange of ideas and literature in writing. Given the current possibilities embedded in the available means of communication, especially Internet, it has become much easier for the ones who are in need of a translation, and the ones who can provide a translation to get into touch. No boundaries: welcome to The Global Village.

Muses Incorporated translates images: atmosphere, sentiment, feelings, touch, the picture. Structure must be clearly perceptible, a reader should be able to see what is intended. A philosophical background and a broad and thorough knowledge of a wide range of subjects comes in useful. Within the fields of interest the way to go about subject matter is familiar and a comprehensive network of knowledge is available, not only within personal expertise , information systems and works of reference, but there is also a world wide web of acquaintances who can be addressed with queries.


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Commercial Translations

Translations of texts for companies, commercial and non-profit organizations and private persons. This includes translations of business correspondence, the contents of web sites, user manuals, personal letters, speeches, reports &c..

Proofreading & Editing

Have you ever found yourself staring in utter amazement at a user manual that was translated which language had the precision and illegibility of a translation done with some online translation engine? The result is a one on one transcription of words, and however exact, what gets lost in the translation yet is precisely the essential information that the reader was looking for in the first place…

Proofreading and editing of a text before it gets published or applied in any other way, is not only useful, but unfortunately often all too necessary. An example: designers of computer programs and applications are in general simply not always the most appropriate persons to explain in words how the baby of their imagination is meant to work and what it is supposed to do; unfortunately in actual practice it happens too often that their unclear words end up in the manuals for end-users, what results in an illegible and unintelligible text and frustrated customers. A little money is saved, and an enormous overhead cost on “customer care” is the result…

This is a typical example that shows how useful it might be to have a text proofread and where necessary edited before sending it off to the end-user. Another valid reason to do so lies in substandard writing skills that apparently have become the standard of our age. Often all sorts of reports, concepts and other written materials are in dire need of correction. Not only do they teem with orthographical grammatical errors, but also from a logical point of view they lack a great deal, or the 'clarity' of the message is missing the obvious. Not only does this look sloppy, but the originally intended message doesn't come across either. A written text being well-composed is not only important for companies, organizations and private persons, but also, say, for students who write a thesis.

And this does not have to cost a lot.

Don’t hesitate to contact Muses Incorporated for further information.

Muses Incorporated