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Proofreading & Editing

Once a text is written or translated, or when a website is about to go live, it's always worth having another fresh pair of eyes to take another look at the product to avoid embarrassment. Tariffs on request.

The Company Logo & The Company Name

Sarasvati, the many-armed lady in the company logo, is the he Hindu Goddess of Speech, Knowledge, Memory, Language, Music & the Arts.
In Greek mythology Mother Mnemosyne is the personification of memory and the Mother of the nine Muses, and as such she is the equivalente of Sarasvati. Unlike her Greek counterpart, Sarasvati does not have any children but then again, she’s the Mother of all Creation. In the Greek Tradition, the Muses are the source of inspiration for all artists, poets, scientists, philosophers, and musicians.
In India, anything can be translated into everyting else. Poetry into Dance, into Philosphy, into Music, into Painting, into Song, into Architecture, and back into Poetry again - and nothing is lost in translation. In the Aesthetic tradition of the West this has remained an unattainable ideal as far as memory goes...

As a translator my ideal is to embody the best of both worlds in my translations: I aspire to incorporate the incorporate essence of the Muses’ inspiration in my translations, combined with the oriental ease to translate anything into everything else.
The company name, hence, is a play with words. To give the Muses as incorporate beings a place to dwell in this world: in words. Words come from divine inspiration and cannot be owned by anyone; we mere mortals can only pass them on lest our collective memory lives on.
The 'Incorporated' in the name Muses Incorporated therefore does in no way refer to the US legal form of the same name, but to the incorporation of the essence of memory, knowledge, and poetic values into words.

For quotes, prices and tariffs, please send an email to Muses Incorporated for further information.

Muses Incorporated