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*      Feb. 2006; Wat ik over Irak hoorde, Eliot Weinberger (What I heard about Iraq) En-Dutch At the occasion of the international manifestation “Anniversary of the Political Lie -20th of March 2006”, organized by the Peter-Weiss-Foundation for Art and Politics en Literaturfestival Berlin.

*      Texts for the website of the Boekenstoel -- the Book Chair by Saskia Wigbold, June 2005, editing Dutch, translation En,

*      Feb. 2007; Publication of translation in Tortuca 21 (En-Dutch): Eliot Weinberger; De droom van de zeekomkommers — 43; Een verslag uit Salcombe Regis, Devon — 44; Een paragraaf daar — 45; De vleugels van de engelen — 46; Het oerwoud — 47

*      June 2008; Publication of translation in Tortuca 23 (Spanish-Dutch "Zweden en de Overblijfselen van een Schipbreuk" Rubén Figaredo (Suecia y los restos de un naufragio) --Tortuca Postbus 23267, 3001 KG Rotterdam;
English version

*      2007-2008; Translation of the script treatment "The Making Of" written by Thijs Bayens, Nico Dijkshoorn. Dutch-En

*      2007; Translation and summary of a film script "The Making Of" by Thijs Bayens, Pim van Collem, Titia Rieter. Dutch-En

*      2008; Translation of web page content of a FAQ into HTML file of The Reconnection® The Netherlands. En-Dutch

*      2008; Book translation 'De terugkeer van Atlantis' (Atlantis Rising) by Patricia Cori, uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes. En-Dutch

*      2008; Translation of a brochure for Arcantus. EN-NL.

*      2008- ongoing; Design, texts, graphic design, translations, setting up and maintainance: creation of the website of Rubén Figaredo,

*      2009; Lecture about Documentaire Poëzie, about the use of documentary elements in the work of Eliot Weinberger; Reading of a selection of "What I heard about Iraq"; De Avonden, Perdu, Amsterdam. English and Dutch.

*      2009; Lecture "Más allá de Allande, el koine decorativo en el antiguo imperio de Trebisonda" in La Puela d'Ayande, Asturias, on the occasion of the IV Ruxidoiru Ayandés. Presentation about the similarities between decorative elements on the Seranderler on the Black Sea region in Turkey, and on the hórreos of Asturias. Spanish.

*      2010 - ongoing; various projects for BK Projects (now Atrado); children’s books & games, automotive, cooking, TV scripts etc.. (EN/GER-NL).

*      2010 - ongoing; various projects (brochures, commercials, web content etc.) for ‘Die Textklinik’, Düsseldorf, Germany. (EN/GER-NL).

*      2010 - ongoing; Manuals for consumer and industrial products, website content, newsletters, for KOMABERRIBAT S.L. Vitoria-Gasteiz, País Vasco-España. (EN/ ES - NL).

*      2010; Today's Dissonance, Tomorrow's Consonance - A New Pact Between Composer and Public; Author: Rubén Figaredo. Arti musices - IRASM - Croatian Musicological Review. Publication June 2010. Rubén Figaredo (ES-EN).

*      2010 - ongoing; Translation to English of summaries of articles in several issues of Revista ÁBACO, Gijón, Asturias-Spain. (ES-EN).

*      2011; Translation of a text by Xuan Bello ‘Zoiets als dit zoals een gedicht’ in Tortuca 26 by Literar Tijdschrift Tortuca, Postbus 23267, 3001 KG Rotterdam; (Spanish- Dutch).

*      2011; Translation of an introductory essay by art historian & musicologist Rubén Figaredo on the Spanish avant-garde group Zaj: Render unto Zaj the things that are Zaj. (ES-EN)
This is the tranlation of the original version in Spanish that can be found at A Zaj lo que es de Zaj, which is part of the 2007 doctoral thesis by Rubén Figaredo, 'Juan Hidalgo, el sonido del gesto'.

*      2012 - ongoing; translation and revision of sports related texts, for Libero Language Lab, Glasgow, Scotland - UK. ((EN-NL).


In the end everything is much more simple, scales don’t cease to be scales of sounds, it’s logical that these ones were steep, because they took us all the way up, and rhythm is the respiration of music, this unrecognized sixth sense of which we don’t know how to proportion nor harmonize it because in the Occident we only breath in order not to die asphyxiated.

Rubén Figaredo; The Enamored Elephant.